Lori Galloway

Broker Associate


Lori’s clients will tell you she really knows Austin. Not surprising since she’s been a resident since 1965 and has seen Austin change from a sleepy college town of 200,000 to a bustling metropolis. They will also tell you she frequently knows what type of home you want even before you know. That may come from practicing real estate since 1990 or maybe it’s from asking all the right questions. One thing’s for certain, Lori’s clients love their new homes. When they go to sell their properties, they are also confident in her knowledge of the market and her skillful marketing.

 Lori’s attention to detail, her quick responses to client questions, and her ability to use high tech and low tech tools seamlessly keep her clients satisfied with her service year after year.  Whether you are buying your dream home or investing in real estate, Lori has the knowledge and resources to make your goals a reality.